3D Systems' range of 3D printers are highly versatile modeling, prototyping and real part manufacturing systems. Review these industry applications:


Quality prototypes that match your design and accurately represent your end-product performance and functionality compress the time and cost required to successfully bring your new product to market. Now you can affordably and reliably bring the prototyping process into your office. Gain control of time and costs – and a competitive advantage – with a 3D printer from 3D Systems!

Real Parts

Our 3D Printers allow you to create and print real parts direct from your desktop or office. Don't let the fine feature detail and super smooth surface finish fool you - these parts are ready to go to work.

Your parts are custom made for end-use applications. Get out in front of your new product design, packaging or tooling requirements, and deliver real parts – real time - with a personal, professional or production 3D printer from 3D Systems!

Casting Patterns and Molds

Master patterns and molds are used as short term or disposable tools in low-volume production. Make 100% RealWax™ patterns that are designed to perform like injected wax patterns in lost-wax casting processes.

Or leverage our 3D printers to produce foundry casting patterns or molds. When your application calls for casting patterns or molds for anything from jewelry, medical instruments and devices to mechanical parts or forming operations, we have you covered with our Professional and Production 3D Printing Systems.

Consumer Products

The pace of new consumer product introductions is accelerating. Companies of all sizes recognize being first to market is critical in the battle for revenue. But a compelling form factor is also essential to creating a consumer experience that inspires rapid adoption.

3D printing has dramatically altered the product development landscape forever. Design and ‘print’ your product concept today – place it in the hands of a customer focus group tomorrow. Communicate, collaborate and deliver superior products – each created with confidence.


In your class or lab, it’s not some ivory tower or esoteric theory. It’s practical and hands-on. It’s real world. And technical schools, colleges and educational institutes of all kinds are increasingly turning their students on to leading edge 3D printing technologies through 3D Systems.

Educators depend on our 3D Printers for an affordable way to ignite the imaginations of their students. Our easy-to-learn, maintain and use high definition printers take students far beyond the theory to designing and creating three dimensional models right before their eyes. 3D Printers are indispensible tools for learning.


Surgeons using plaster casts as models before operating are out of date. So are the dental practitioners still  pouring material into patients’ mouths to take impressions for the construction of crowns, bridges and implants.

Based on our track record of success in healthcare we are accelerating the pace of change in medicine and dentistry while improving the patient experience. At the forefront with practical and affordable solutions in digital fabrication, we’re proud to offer quality and precision unheard of less than five years ago.


Creativity and imagination are central to the jewelry craft. Which is why the industry has embraced our pioneering 3D printing technologies to reduce the time and labor required in the manufacturing process.

They’ve turned to our high-definition printers for an affordable, dependable and easy-to-use way to produce finely detailed jewelry patterns and models. Now, it’s easy to go from jewelry design CAD software directly to high-quality, production casting patterns or presentation models. And, with all that manual labor a thing of the past, there is more time to create new designs …. and grow your business!