Make personal color manufacturing a reality with the 3DTouchTM Personal color 3D Printer.

3DTouch™ is the most affordable color 3D printer in its category and is on the market. The 3DTouch opens up a whole new world of creativity. Quick and easy to set up, this affordable 3D printer makes personal manufacturing a reality, using the latest developments in desktop print technology to provide the ultimate 3D printing experience. With its clear and open design, the 3DTouch 3D printer is ideal for the classroom, home or office environment. Bring your 3D CAD drawings to life - your only limit is your own imagination. Create prototypes, models, RC parts, toys… the list is endless!


 It is easy to set up and easy to use with a touch screen user interface, and is ideal for desktop 3D printing in the home, classroom and office. Create prototypes, models, RC parts, toys…the list is endless!

The 3DTouch™ is available in single, double or triple head configurations. For more information, please select from the list below.


3DTouch™ 3D Printer (Single Head)
3DTouch™ 3D Printer (Double Head)
3DTouch™ 3D Printer (Triple Head)
3DTouch™ 3D Printer Hobby Pack
3DTouch™ 3D Printer Education Pack



These are upgrade options for your RapMan 3.1 or BFB 3000 system.

  • BFB-3000 composite print bed upgrade kit
  • RapMan Pre-soldered Electronics Kit  
  • RapMan 3.1 Pre-Built Hot End
  • RapMan 3.1 Double Head Extruder Upgrade


Thermoplastic Materials

Produce real plastic parts with our selection of thermoplastic materials for both RapMan and 3DTouch.

Click here to learn more about these materials.


ABS Material - Colored or White


PLA Material
Solid Colors


PLA Material


Single or Double Head Filament Starter Pack (ABS/PLA)




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These are accessories for your RapMan 3.1 or BFB 3000 system.

  • BFB-3000 Plus composite print bed
  • RapMan 3.1 Tool Kit
  • RapMan 3D Printer 8mm Print Bed
  • RapMan Filament Reel Holder
  • RapMan 3.1 3D Printer Extruder Kit

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