Apex CAD Products is a proud reseller of the pioneering leader in digital manufacturing technologies - 3D Systems. We offer the complete line of 3D printers and materials, and complete service and support, for the following 3D Systems printers:

Personal Printers:


3DTouch Personal 3D Printer 

3DTouch™ is the most affordable color 3D printer in its category and is on the market. The 3DTouch opens up a whole new world of creativity. Quick and easy to set up, this affordable 3D printer makes personal manufacturing a reality, using the latest developments in desktop print technology to provide the ultimate 3D printing experience.


ProJet™ 1000 Personal 3D Printer

High resolution and fast speed at an affordable price

the ProJet™ 1000 personal 3D printer makes high-resolution, durable plastic parts accessible and affordable to educators, students and professionals alike.


ProJet™ 1500 Personal Color 3D Printer

High resolution, color and fast speed at an affordable price.

The ProJet 1500 has a sleek industrial design to complement your office or work space. It's easy to use and network ready, featuring an intuitive web browser interface that provides shared access for your entire group.

Professional Printers


ProJet™ CP 3500 Professional 3D Printer

The ProJet™ CP 3500 is transforming the use of 3D printing for the rapid production of direct investment casting patterns for virtually any geometry. This 3D printer mass produces 100% Real Wax™ patterns with smooth surfaces quality and exceptional precision, supporting almost unlimited applications capabilities.


ProJet™ CPX 3500 and CPX 3500plus Professional 3D Printers

Mass produce 100% wax micro-detail patterns with superior surface quality, extreme fi ne detail and exceptional precision to enable rapid workfl ow, mass customization and improved casting room effi ciencies and productivity. Casting yields mirror standard casting waxes and the RealWax™ pattern performance rivals injected wax patterns in existing lost-wax casting processes and equipment.


ProJet™ DP 3500 Dental Professional 3D Printer

This Dental Professional 3D Printer accurately, consistently and economically manufactures precision wax-ups for dental labs. The system can generate hundreds of units each cycle with an extremely smooth surface finish that can be cast or pressed with conventional techniques..


ProJet™ HD 3500 and HD 3500plus Professional 3D Printers

The ProJet™ HD 3500 and HD 3500Plus print precision, durable plastic parts ideal for functional testing, design communication, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling and more. With a choice in materials and selectable print resolutions these office friendly, easy to use 3D Printers are packed with features that help you maximize your return on investment (ROI).


ProJet™ MP 3500 Dental Professional 3D Printer

The ProJet™ MP 3500 Printing System is designed for use in laboratories with extended unattended operation and same day processing to reduce time and cost. The system can produce any size model with a choice of two print modes, smooth and matte. Multiple models can be built at one time.


ProJet™ SD 3500 Professional 3D Printer

The affordable ProJet™ SD 3500 prints high quality, durable plastic parts for engineering and mechanical design applications including functional testing, form and fit verification, rapid prototyping, design communication, rapid tooling and more.


ProJet™ 7000 Professional 3D Printer

The ProJet™ 7000 produces genuine SLA® parts with push-button simplicity. The SLA® parts convince with highest surface quality, precision and accuracy. ProJet™ 7000 comes with a bigger platform than its sister product, the ProJet™ 6000, allowing for building larger parts in one piece or many parts in one build. Three print configurations allow for an economic system usage. A wide range of VisiJet® engineered functional material includes tough, flexible, black, clear and high temperature and enables users to have just the right material for their applications. In addition to direct manufacturing applications the ProJet™ 7000 economically produces the most accurate master models with excellent surface quality.


ProJet™ 6000 Professional 3D Printer

The first ever "crossover" 3D printer

The ProJet 6000 offers the latest utility and value of the latest 3D printers, with the precision and performance found in professional grade SLA system parts.


ProJet™ 5000 Professional 3D Printer

The largest capacity, high definition production printer for prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

The ProJet 5000 is ideal for mass-production of both large and small hard plastic prototypes and end use parts. It enables improved design communication and compressed design-to-manufacturing cycle time providing reduced time to market and higher final product quality.


ZPrinter 150 Professional 3D Printer

The Zprinter® 150 is an affordable monochrome printer that produces quality 3D models. It performs most operations automatically and offers 40% less operator touch time for setup and model removal, automated setup and self monitoring, automated powder loading and recycling and new "snap-in" binder cartridges.


ZPrinter 250 Professional 3D Printer

The ZPrinter® 250 is our most affordable, full-color, 3D Printer. Building on the great features of the ZPrinter® 150, the printer adds the ability to print multi-color parts from a palette of 64 different colors.


ZPrinter 350 Professional 3D Printer

The ZPrinter® 350 is our most affordable automated 3D Printer – bringing high-end 3D Printing features to a new level of affordability. A full-size, monochrome printer, the ZPrinter® 350 can quickly and easily meet the 3D printing needs of entire teams of engineers or a classroom of students.


ZPrinter 450 Professional 3D Printer

The ZPrinter® 450 Full Color 3D Printer is the World's most automated and affordable color 3D Printer. The 450 outputs precise 450 dpi color 3d model prototypes 5 to 10 times faster than the competition. With all-in-one printing and powder recycling the ZPrinter® 450 has 40% less "touch time" than previous 3D Printers.


ZPrinter 650 Professional 3D Printer

The ZPrinter® 650 has a large build volume, printing at 650x540 dpi resolution with superior 24 bit color and high throughput. It produces accurate color models from the original design data.


ZPrinter 850 Professional 3D Printer

The ZPrinter® 850 is our most productive color 3D printing system. It features a large build volume, 20 x 15 x 9 inches (2700 cubic inches) and prints at 600x540 dpi resolution with top of the line color and the highest throughput.

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