ProJet Accelerator Software Highlights

  • Easy and intuitive build set up, submission and job queue management
  • Optimal automatic part placement and build optimization
  • Extensive part editing and manipulation tools within the Print Preview environment
  • Job statistics reporting
  • Selectable Build Modes within the software
  • Part stacking/nesting that allows full use of the build volume




V-Flash Client Software

  • Modeler can be set up as a network printer or connected to locally
  • On board web browser allows for local access when internet is unavailable
  • Web based client interface that can be accessed from any location
  • Build Queue – Job control center allows user to view all pending builds, reorder build, pause or abort builds and see status of current build
  • Capability to add users at different levels of access and control (super admin, admin, user)
  • Robust but easy-to-use diagnostic programs for troubleshooting and pre-build checks
  • Option to set automatic software updates or to be prompted when updates are available.
  • E-mail notification of build start, build completion and build pause status
  • Preview support structures before build to aid in optimal part orientation
  • Part file verification and repair tool
  • Easy menu driven user interface
  • Access to powerful online user guide and other application support tools
  • On-board system diagnostics tools
  • Remote service support function for push-button remote service session initiation