Apex Cad Products is headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, and provides expert 3D printing and rapid prototyping sales, service and support to the Four Corners area and beyond.

Key Apex CAD Product employees have in excess of 10 years experience in the industry designing, building and servicing 3D Systems equipment. That experience offers us unique knowledge of the systems so we can provide our cusatomers with expert customer support.

Our Engineering background, also gives our customers strong assistance with the suite of Alibre CAD software that we offer.

Apex provides the following services:

  • Equipment installation
  • Phone support
  • Web based support
  • On-site machine repair
  • Fast response
  • In-house Model building
  • 3D Pay-For-Print Services
  • Expert ThermoJet machine support 
  • On-Site Hardware and Software Training
  • Equipment Customization
  • Design Services
  • Custom Data Acquisition equipment
3D-ProParts-provider-of-3D Systems'-3d-printer-models,-parts-and-castings

 Authorized Full Line Reseller