ProJet 1500 Personal Color 3D Printer


High resolution, durable plastic parts tough enough for functional testing and snap-fit applications in up to 6 different colors with excellent high resolution detail and smooth surface finish - all at a very affordable price!

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3DTouch - the Affordable, Personal Color 3D Printer


Print your own 3D designs with this pre-assembled 3D printer with a touch screen interface and sized to fit your desktop. Perfect for schools, home and office, simply load your design using the USB port and start making your own models.

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The ProJet 6000 Production 3D Printer - the first ever "crossover" 3D Printer


Get the precision and performance found in more expensive SLA systems. Available in three high-definition printing configurations, and a wide range of tough, flexible and high temperature materials options. You'll receive the highest part quality for the toughest production applications, combined with the ease of use and economics of a 3D printer.

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Truly Personal Color 3D Printing:

  • High resolution
  • Six vibrant material color choices
  • Durable parts for functional use or snap-fit
  • Intuitive, sharable web browser interface

Desktop Printing with 3DTouch

  • Personal color manufacturing
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Touch screen interface
  • Ideal for desktop 3D printing in the home, classroom and office

Benefits include:

  • Crossover" technology of a 3D printer and stereolithography like quality
  • Utility and value of 3D printing with the precision and performance of SLA parts
  • Three high-definition printing configurations
  • The highest 3D printer part quality
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Welcome to Apex CAD Products

Apex CAD Products is the premier Servicing Reseller for 3D Printers in the Mountain States Area. Our proficiency consists of a combination of 15+ years experience in the industry with designing, building and servicing 3D Systems products including 3D Printers and Stereolithography (SLA) systems. We offer a complete line of 3D printing materials and RP software.  Our staff has the knowledge and experience to provide you with expert support when and where you need it. Our engineering background, also gives our customers strong assistance with the suite of Alibre CAD software that we offer.

More about 3D Printers

MJM-1253D Printers are an "additive" technology, since they apply layer afer layer of material upon previous layers to build a 3-dimensional part of the 3D CAD data supplied by the user. In a few hours, a part, or a full platform of parts are built, and ready for use. Whether your needs are personal, professional or production, we have a 3D Printer that is just right for your needs.

Service and Maintenance Options

Keep your 3D printer, modeler or rapid prototyping system operating productively and minimize costly downtime by purchasing a preventative maintenance or full service agreement from Apex CAD. A well maintained system is a happy machine, turning out parts reliably with no aggravating downtime. Purchasing a maintenance program will keep your machine within factory specs and keep it operating productively. Prefer a full 24 hour on-site service agreement for peace of mind? Apex has a variety of service programs, so contact us to discuss your needs. Of course, we also provide time-and-materials programs as well. We're here to help keep you productive and operating - so give us a call! Learn more about our service agreement offerings:


3D Printer Materials

12_3Apex supplies all 3D printer build material and support materials for all 3D Systems' ProJet V-Flash™ InVision™ and ThermoJet™ 3D printers, as well as thermoplastic materials for the 3DTouch 3D printer from Bits for Bytes.


Trade-In your old 3D printer

thermojet1Contact Apex CAD Products today if you have an older technology 3D printer or modeller that you would like to trade-in. We periodically have upgrade or trade-in programs that can help keep your 3D printing capabilities current with the latest available 3D Printing technology from 3D Systems - a ProJet 3D printer. We offer all the latest ProJet printers for both personal or production requirements. We also offer the newest, lowest cost personal 3D printer technology available - the V-Flash 3D printer from 3D Systems. If you own a Stratasys or Dimension system, or an Objet, ZCorp, Envisiontec, or earlier 3D systems printer such as the InVision, InVision Si2, InVision SR, InVision XT, InVision HR or others,please call us today to see what we can help you get the latest available technology.